Carers UK

Carers UK

  • UX planning and testing
  • Integrated membership, email and payments
  • National Site branding
  • Mobile forum

Carers UK is a charity that was set up in order to assist the millions of people who are carers for friends and family in need. As time has gone by, the website has become a crucial part of the charity's ability to function and communicate with its wide membership base. Carers UK's web presence and brand had become dispersed and hard to manage with so many national sites. We worked with Carers UK to create a new website that placed membership and community at the heart of the site. We also needed to create a site that offered a great service to their partner and affiliates.We helped them rethink the website from scratch.

The content for the website needed to be arranged from lots of material that had previously been available in other formats - such as PDFs and Word Documents. As with all our web projects, good user experience via critical site journeys is key for both the audience and the client. We had an interesting time putting a lot of thought into planning user journeys and testing them to gauge effectiveness before implementation. The work paid off . An initial rebuild and brand led to a significant increase in memberships and a subsequent rebrand and redesign of the join process has led to a continued 500+ new members a month. A great result for Carers and for Carers UK.

Since we went live, applications for membership have soared and processes for booking training courses have been made easier. Joomkit were a great fit for an organisation like us. They listened to our needs and understood. The result is a website we are exceptionally proud of.

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