Trade Justice Movement

Trade Justice Movement

  • New logo identity
  • Tweets as news
  • Long-form content design
  • Mailchimp integration

Trade Justice Movement (TJM) needed a new easy to manage site that valued their content and presented lots of rich copy in an accessible and structured way. With only a small team to manage the site (ie 1-2 people), it had to be easy to use and create content. The development sector is vast in terms of information it produces and simply putting all your content ,links and documents into one editing field was not going to cut it here. Where WordPress and Joomla start with a core content type that encourages all content to go in one editor field, our chosen CMS Craftcms provided a blank slate to model the content in a way that was relevant to TJM and their audience.

Analysing the type of content is key to any project. Once we had looked at the content thoroughly, we came up with a long form content idea so that we could provide in depth information with an in page navigation to allow moving around the material. You can see an example below:

The monster that needs feeding

Websites are hungry and when your staff are only two, adding a news section to your site immediately creates a hungry mouth to feed. The news section demands latest content and this can create extra pressure on staff. So rather than pressure TJM to blog about all their great endeavours it seemed easier to integrate their twitter feed as the latest updates. They are already tweeting as an output channel so integrating the latest tweet on the homepage is easier from their Twitter microblogging than it is from logging in and adding a news item. A perfectly acceptable compromise and a nifty win.

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